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… how your life would be different if your business was generating leads and sales on autopilot.

Imagine... having a Facebook ads team who takes care of the strategy, who is always monitoring Facebook’s changes so you can focus on what you do best — serving your clients — instead of being a slave to Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms.

Imagine... feeling that your Facebook ads team is an integral part of your marketing team… that they are emotionally invested in your company goals… that you feel informed and confident in what they are doing.

Jenna Kutcher

Since partnering with Michelle and her team, I have grown my list 500%!

Jenna Kutcher

"Michelle is an absolutely excellent strategist!"

"I have to give all the praise in the world to Michelle and her team!"

Our Return on Investment was crazy… it was almost 20X our ad spend! 

I had never had results like that from Facebook Ads before.  

It was such an awesome experience working with Michelle, I decided to hire her for our next launch!

Tracy Matthews

Ben Cummings

Michelle and her team get results!

I have been repeatedly impressed, amazed, and inspired by Michelle’s attention to detail, as well as her focus on helping us get great results, lower lead costs and conversions on our Facebook campaigns. 

If you want more, better, faster results from Facebook ads, then you need to hire Michelle’s traffic team. Period!” Ben Cummings  

Krista Mashore

We made over $2.8 million, which was a 63% growth in revenue!!

One thing I love about working with Michelle is the reporting. I can come in at any time and see the heartbeat of what is going on. 

The knowledge that Michelle brings, her ability to keep us up-to-date, on top of things, and on top of the Facebook rules is FABULOUS. Michelle's level of experience and care is white glove.”  

Krista Mashore

David Siteman Garland

Since working with Michelle and her team we have seen a 4x ROI!

While ROI is the name of the game when it comes to FB ads, I also love the peace of mind that Michelle and her team have everything under control so I can run my business (and my life!) without ever worrying about Facebook ads.  

David Siteman Garland

Diane Lefrandt

I have gotten thousands of highly targeted leads...

 ... and was consistently able to fill my program with ideal clients.  

While working with Michelle, my sales have increased to $100,000 per month!

Michelle works with integrity and leads with client satisfaction as her main priority. She is honest, careful, strategic and emotionally invested in my vision and goals and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend Michelle.  

Diane Lefrandt Nelson

Lisa Kuecker

Michelle’s expertise helped me exceed my goals in my launch

She handled a very aggressive and large campaign with grace and I was able to just focus on serving my clients and selling my course and services. If you’re a serious entrepreneur and considering making the leap, Michelle is your Facebook expert! 

Lisa Kuecker

Here are more Success Stories

Chris Ducker

Working with Michelle and her team has been a delight

They are all professional, know their stuff and have made my first real push into paid advertising painless and rewarding. I especially appreciate the personal touch from Michelle, it makes a big difference.

Chris Ducker

Amy Jo Kim

I feel so lucky to have been in such great hands

Michelle was always calm, had helpful insight and gave clear guidance, and her team was unfailingly professional.

It was money well spent! At the end of the day, it is all about results and I am very pleased with my 10X results and proud of my launch. I was so glad to find Michelle. 

Amy Jo Kim

Jill Christensen

Michelle and her team consistently over-deliver

Before working with Michelle I was overwhelmed trying to manage all of the details of my Facebook advertising. I made many costly mistakes trying to do it all on my own. 

I hired Michelle to run the Facebook ad campaign for two launches and both times I was able to 5X the return on the Facebook ad spend. Michelle is a dream to work with. 

Jill Christensen

Mandi Ellefson

This process is working... SOOOO happy I decided to work with you!

Michelle, had another sales call with a prospect today. He kept going on and on about how perfectly targeted the Facebook ad was to him and how impressed he was. 

This is a fast, big win for me. Thanks for your hard work, Michelle! 

Mandi Ellefson

Asia Sharif-Clark

Michelle lives and breathes Facebook Ads, and it shows

Michelle's and her mighty team do things that very few marketing teams do well... they focus.

We have gone from half-empty classes to being sold out with a waiting list! I can't wait to use her again next term!

Asia Sharif-Clark, Local Franchise Owner

Colin Campbell

Michelle Bridger focuses on ROI

She's ruthless with her numbers and is consistent in taking on clients she can help profit.

She's also the least "slick marketing person" I've met. Pure heart. An absolute professional. Love her.

Colin Campbell

Carrie Contey

From the moment we started working with her, my team and I knew we were in competent and committed hands. 

Working with Michelle was a dream. She’s exceptionally knowledgeable about Facebook advertising and incredibly thorough in how she executes a campaign.  

She’s a clear and calm communicator who does what it takes to get the job done right. If you are ready to get the word out in a big way, about the work you are doing in the world, Michelle Bridger is the woman to know.

Carrie Contey, PhD

"Thank you for supporting us for our biggest year EVER! We would not have accomplished this without your team."

~ C.M.

We require a $3500 minimum monthly ad spend if we are managing your ads. If you will be managing your own ads, Michelle is happy to consult with you.